Helena Bogosian is an award winning artist best known for her imaginative 3-D clay illustrations. Her delightful works are created from colorful polymer clay which she meticulously sculpts and then digitally photographs. Each detailed illustration is like it's own little world and Helena likes to add interactive elements to engage the viewer.

She conceptualizes and designs puzzle elements into many of her award winning magazine illustrations and has also created a unique series of puzzle books for children of all ages. As a child, Helena loved to make things out of clay and she has simply never stopped!

Clients include most notably: Highlights For Children, High Five Magazine, The Penguin Group, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., Boyd's Mills Press.


Look at the tea cup on the left, and paper clip on the right,to get an idea of the small size and scale of the clay images

Helena at a book signing of her Clay Quests Books.
Helena’s 3-D clay illustrations on display in school and libraries.