Helena Bogosian is an award winning mixed media artist best known for her engaging clay illustrations. Her versatile style has proven her work a perfect fit for everything from simple picture books for toddlers to corporate advertising campaigns for grownups.  


Clients Include:

Highlights for Children

Highlights High Five/Highlights Hello

Cricket Media

The Penguin Group

Whole Foods Market

Barnes and Noble

Rodale Inc.


Society of Book Writers and Illustrators Magazine Merit  Honors for Illustration (2011, 2016)

Highlights for Children Pewter Plate Awards for Writing and Illustration (2010, 2012, 2013, 2016, 2017)


keeping things tactile in a digital world

Helena loves creating art for children with materials that they can use too.  


"how did you make that?"

This is the first question most children (and grownups) ask when seeing her work. Her most popular illustrations are made from polymer clay.  Helena  meticulously crafts each illustration by hand and then  digitally photographs the art for publication.



Heartfelt Thanks 

to all who came out to see

 selected works at the

The Marvelous Land of Make Believe Exhibit

at the 

The Galleries of the Interchurch Center 

New York, New York